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Don  Bromhead
Ocean Acidification 
Dr. Don Bromhead is a fisheries scientist (consultant) based in Canberra, ACT, who works predominantly for the Oceanic Fisheries Programme...
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Clare Brooker
Project Team 
Clare brooker
Clare obtained a BSc hons (1st class) from the University of Tasmania in 2007, she has a background in ecology and molecular biology. For...
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Jaclyn Brown
El Nino-Southern Oscillation 
Jaci-brown photo
Dr Jaclyn Brown is an ocean and climate research scientist within the Centre for Australian Weather and Climate Research at the CSIRO in...
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Maria  Byrne
Ocean Acidification 
Byrne photo
Professor Maria Byrne is in the Director of the University of Sydney?s One Tree Island Research Station in the Capricorn-Bunker Group of...
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Alexandra Campbell
Passport campbell 2012 colour
Dr Alexandra Campbell is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Centre for Marine Bio-Innovation and the Sydney Institute of Marine Sciences...
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Nick Caputi
Leeuwin Current 
Dr Nick Caputi is the Supervising Scientist of the Invertebrate Branch of the Department of Fisheries (Western Australia) which undertakes...
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Lynda Chambers
Lyndachambers seabirds
Dr Lynda Chambers is a principal research scientist within the Centre for Australian Weather and Climate Research (Bureau of Meteorology),...
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Alistair Cheal
Tropical Fish 
Alistair cheal photo tropical fish
Alistair Cheal has worked as a reef fish ecologist at the Australian Institute of Marine Science for over a decade. He is particularly...
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John Church
Sea Level 
Dr John Church is an oceanographer with the Centre for Australian Weather and Climate Research and the Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems...
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Melinda Coleman
Melinda coleman2
Melinda is a research scientist for the NSW Marine Parks Authority on the far south coast of NSW. Melinda’s ARC research on dispersal...
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Frank Coman
Sean Connell
Sean connell
Professor Sean Connell tests theory that relates local and rapid ecological processes to biogeographic processes that operate over long...
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