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Kenneth Anthony
Ocean Acidification Coral Reefs 
Ken anthony photo corals
Dr Ken Anthony’s primary research area is the effects of ocean acidification and climate change on coral reefs. A key focus of his...
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John Arnould
Marine Mammals 
John Arnould has been studying marine mammals and seabirds and their impact on the marine ecosystem, in both temperate and polar regions,...
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Russ Babcock
Dr Russ Babcock is a marine ecologist with CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research. He has broad interests ranging from invertebrate...
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Mark Baird
Baird photo
Mark Baird is a biological oceanographer at the University of Technology Sydney. Dr. Baird obtained a B.E.(Mech) from the University of...
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Amanda Bates
Bates research image
Amanda Bates is a Research Fellow at the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies, University of Tasmania with an interest in relating...
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John Beardall
John beardall
John Beardall was originally trained as a microbiologist and then completed a PhD, on the physiology and biochemistry of phytoplankton...
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Johann Bell
Bell photo
Dr Johann Bell has spent the past 20 years leading projects on the sustainable management and restoration of coastal fisheries, and...
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David Booth
Temperate Fish 
Booth temperate fish photocrop
David Booth is Professor of Marine Ecology at University of Technology, Sydney, and Chair of the Scientific Advisory Committee, Sydney...
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Helen Bostock
Ocean Acidification 
Helen bostock
Helen Bostock is a carbonate geochemist with interests in chemical oceanography and paleoceanography of the Southwest Pacific Ocean using...
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Dr David Bourne
Dr David Bourne is a Senior Research Scientist at the Australian Institute of Marine Science. He has extensive experience as a...
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Russ Bradford

Steve Brett
Steve brett
Dr Steve Brett, Director of Microalgal Services, is involved in numerous projects on phytoplankton from Australian coastal waters and has...
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