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Bradley Opdyke

Ocean Acidification  

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My initial training for my undergraduate research project was on the topic of air-sea exchange of CO2 in the Southern Ocean. I received a firm grounding in carbonate chemistry and equilibria in the open ocean. I then went to the University of Michigan and learned about carbonate depositional systems, diagenesis and petrology for my Masters degree, then went on to study the mass balance of carbonate in the ocean on Geologic time scales. During my first post-Doc I looked at new paleoceanographic proxies for Foraminifera. I also successfully learned to box-model the ocean carbon cycle. The main theme for my research, which continues to this day, is to more accurately quantify the marine carbon cycle, particularly with respect to carbonate carbon. This includes looking at modern ocean “acidification” as well as quantifying carbonate deposition and Quaternary Paleoceanography of Indo-Pacific Tropics.

Research School of Earth Sciences, Australian National University, ACT 0200
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