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Dr Anthony Richardson's work is recognised internationally for significant contributions in the fields of climate impacts on marine species, plankton dynamics, and linkages between the environment, plankton and fisheries. He has diverse research interests in marine ecology, focusing on understanding the effects of environmental variability on marine systems as a window to predicting impacts of climate change. Research by Dr Richardson and collaborators has provided our first evidence of earlier timing of phytoplankton productivity in the ocean with global warming including the potential mismatch between successive trophic levels. We have also found ocean-basin changes in primary and secondary productivity (increasing near Poles, decreasing near Tropics) over the last 50 years in response to climate change. This knowledge has helped synthesise our understanding of impacts of climate change on pelagic marine ecosystems, has provided seminal knowledge contributing to IPCC Working Group II on Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability (IPCC 2007).

Climate Adaptation Flagship, CSIRO Marine & Atmospheric Research, Ecosciences Precinct, Brisbane, Qld 4001, Australia. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) <

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