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Shaun  Wilson

Tropical Fish  

Dr Shaun Wilson received his PhD in Marine Biology from James Cook University (1991). Since then he has developed his primary interest; the impact of habitat loss on coral reef fish communities. In collaboration with colleagues at the Australian Institute of Marine Science, Newcastle university, UK, and JCU, he has demonstrated that the initial loss of coral effects a relatively small component of the fish community, however any subsequent loss of reef structure and complexity can have severe consequences for the entire fish community. He is currently investigating the interaction between loss of structural complexity and fishing; and how this effects fish communities. His other major interest is coral reef trophodynamics, in particular the flux of detritus based resources. Biochemical work in this area has demonstrated that detritus is of much higher nutritional value than previously believed and many of the fish often classified as herbivores may be detritivores. This work emphasises the importance of detritivorous fish and detritus in coral reef food webs, challenging traditional ideas of trophodynamics.

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