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Greg Jenkins

Temperate Fish  

Greg is the manager of the fish ecology program at the Fisheries Research Branch, Department of Primary Industries Victoria, and Professorial Fellow with the Department of Zoology, University of Melbourne. He completed his BSc Honours at James Cook University in 1981 and my PhD at the University of Melbourne in 1986. His research has focussed primarily on larval and juvenile ecology and the causes of recruitment variability in marine fish; specifically the relative roles of active and passive processes in the dispersal and settlement of larval fish, and habitat relationships in fish recruitment (particularly with seagrass and habitat structure relative to location). Tools such as numerical hydrodynamic modelling (in collaboration with Dr Kerry Black), otolith daily ring analysis, and artificial seagrass habitats have been used extensively in this research. Current research interests have broadened into other areas of fish ecology, including the use of otolith microchemistry to examine fish stock structure and migration patterns, the use of stable isotopes to explore the plant basis of fish food chains, and the use of acoustic tags to track movements of fish.

Department of Zoology, University of Melbourne. VIC 3010, Australia. PH: 03 52580333   .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)