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Ralf  Haese

Ocean Acidification  

Dr Ralf Haese is a senior scientist at Geoscience Australia and leader of the CO2CRC project on reactive reservoir rocks. For over 15 years Ralf’s research has focused on understanding processes that affect the current global carbon cycle, and more recently his research has been directed towards the geological storage of CO2 as a mitigation strategy to climate change. His research has included topics such as microbial pathways of organic matter degradation in marine sediments, biogeochemical processes and benthic fluxes at submarine seeps and carbon and nutrient dynamics in estuaries. His interest in ocean acidification was motivated by a pilot study on mineral composition in Australian continental shelf sediments and their thermodynamic stability under ocean acidification conditions. The study suggested profound changes in the mineral composition of marine sediments will occur within this century due to ocean acidification.

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